When Anya came into my shop to see if I could style her Wedding I was delighted to work on this project.
Before we started work we agreed on a budget for my part of the event and even with many changes I was able to work within it.

The more we talked I understood exactly what she wanted. Her enthusiasm and excitement was contagious and creating the perfect setting for her and groom were becoming more like a dream than a job.

I set about making mood boards where Anya would look and say, “ Be creative do whatever you think”
To any artist, this is the ideal situation to be given creative freedom in order to get the best result.

Anya wanted a powder pink colour scheme with copper touches, with a vintage boho twist.

We set about creating and collecting small pieces that would not only sit pretty on the day but also create a timeless elegance to the already beautiful restaurant.

Apple crates, grammerphones and jam jars were accumulating in my parent’s house as I was collecting for weeks to make a statement as you enter the restaurant.

As the wedding approached the favors for the table became the focus. Celebrating the powder pink colour scheme we decided to do pink champagne truffles in a stripy baking case with a tea rose and ribbon.

Each favor was personalized with Anya and Adam’s name and the date of the special day.

The wedding was small and intimate with the feel of a decadent dinner party where I knew Ben, the owner of London House would produce the most wonderful cuisine, I know this because he also catered at my wedding.

This allowed me as a stylist to make the experience extra special with touches of bird candelabras to cascading florist displays popping out of giant silver flamingo.

On the day of the wedding I had a team of three, my mum Fran the florist and Emily a creative genius, together we loaded up my Dads 1961 Landrover and went down to the restaurant to set up.

The guests were arriving at 5 so we had a lot of work to do.

I had collected an array of giant balloons in pink and white which would give the restaurant a wedding vibe, to create that elegant romance that Anya wanted I had tons of fresh foliage which I twisted around wire so they would trail down from the balloon, I have to say this was one of my favorite touches of the styling, however helium and giant balloons can be very stressful, if you want to try this at home please take note that one giant balloon takes a whole canister of helium.

After blowing up all the balloons we moved on to the installation in the bar where I had designed a set up which would be ideal for photo opportunities filled with flowers in jam jars, pom poms and birdcages to create that boho feel.

We had two main florist displays, one on the bar and one in the centre of the dining table, both made by Fran.

Anya had requested no roses and she wanted flowers which reminded her of home Russia.

Following the colour theme of Pink and Boho Chic, the flowers were arranged on the table in 2 Vintage Wooden Boxes containing glorious pink ranunculus, freesias, lisianthus, green chrysanthemum, white hydrangeas, and wax flowers.The flowers were chosen for their soft round shapes to contrast against the wild foliage. Alchemilla and spirea were used for a bit of wayward wisp making the arrangement feel very special.


The flowers were arranged in a large silver ornamental flamingo dish. It followed the colour theme of predominately pink and white with a wild, overgrown feel to fit in with the Boho Chic styling.

The flowers used in this arrangement:- Voluptuous Pink Peonies ready to burst, Fragrant White Hydrangeas,Pom Pom shaped heads of Ranunculus, Stocks and Wax Flowers.To complete the look lots of elegant grey eucalyptus and umbrella ferns which gave the arrangement an overgrown feel.

Time was flying and after laying and setting up the tables, 5 ‘o’ clock was approaching fast.

We had so many tealight holders it felt like we were in a midsummer nights dream which all had to be lit very quickly.

We were done, after months of organizing and planning we did it, Emily and I nipped back to my shop for a much-needed coffee and watched in anticipation for the Bride and groom to arrive.

The next day Anya came to see me and she was over the moon with what we had created for her and Adam on there special day .

I have to say it wasn’t hard working with such an enthusiastic and chilled out bride.